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With the Right Equipment,

You Can Reach Your Full Production Potential.

What operational challenges are you facing in your facility? To keep your competitive edge, do you need greater line efficiency? Less waste? How about better cost control?

Automation is the answer. Automated machinery can enable you to manufacture or package a product with perfectly programmed timing and consistency. Whether you’re feeding cartons for processing or case packing at the end of a line, you can rely on that equipment to keep production levels high and costs low.

Our innovative and detailed approach to this type of machine design has led to the development of impressive systems throughout our 40 years, many of which have been patented and used by well-known names in the packaging, electronics and printing industries. We also work with pharmaceutical, plastic, candy, media, and building product manufacturers. Our machine engineers use the latest 2D and 3D CAD design and detailing software to create and build complete systems or individual components – from our design or yours.

Scroll down to see custom machine photos and videos, then contact ETI to help you discover the right automated solutions for your business.

Benefits to Machine Automation
  • Reduces manpower/labor
  • Greater efficiency and consistency
  • Improves productivity
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Return on investment

Product Stackers

Our line of flexible automated stackers can do the work for you. These end-of-the-line stackers will count and accumulate the product in groups and discharge those stacks in either the vertical or horizontal orientation.

Click on a photo to see some of ETI’s product stackers in action.

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Model 367 Tray Stacker

Model 342 Down Stacker

Plate Upstacker

Vertical Stacker

Model 355 Clamshell Down Stacker

Model 338 Case Packer, Semi-Auto

Flexible Upstacker

High Speed Horizontal Stacker

Model 349 Collator

Dual Upstacker

Carton Stacker

Product Feeders

Model 366 Multi Feeder

Horizontal Feeder

Disc Feeder

Model 346 Canister Assembler

Supply Feeder

Shellpack Feeder

Booklet Feeder

Case Feeder

Our line of flexible high-speed feeders are used at the start of a line to introduce or orient products for any process including packaging operations.

Click on a photo to see some of ETI’s product feeders in action.

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Case Packers

Our complete case packing systems eliminate the need for manual sorting, packing and sealing. They are equipped with: roller infeed, telescoping conveyor, accumulation hopper, carton feeder, erecting station, loading and tipping carriage, and carton discharge conveyor.

Click on a photo to see some of ETI’s case packers in action.

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Model 345 Case Packer

Carton Case Packer

Garbage Bag Case Packer

Product Handling

Model 336 Carton Tip Station

Robotic Inspection Cell

Case Closer

Turn Station & Rotator

Booklet Feeder

Tipping & Labeling Conveyor

ETI can custom design and build machinery for specific applications, such as transferring, flipping or rotating, to enhance your product line.

Click on a photo to see some of ETI’s custom product handling in action.

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Case Erecting

Click on a photo to see some of ETI’s case erectors in action.

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Model 358 Carton Closer

Model 357 Auto Bottom Erector

Model 348 Hood Erector